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Heart Attak Films

Tim McEown and Di Golding of  Heart Attak Films met over a decade ago at the legendary Ottawa landmark, Elgin Video, and haven’t stopped bickering since. This opinionated duo have written and directed several short films you probably haven’t seen, but have strong thoughts about films you probably have seen. They were the 2011 summer film columnists on CBC Radio Ottawa’s ‘All In Day’ program, and returned in December to offer up their take on holiday films and their movie picks of the year. The ‘Something More Comfortable’ project is an opportunity for Tim and Di to tackle issues of social, ethical and economic importance while telling a story that is funny, personal and ultimately engaging.

Di Golding (Star/Writer)

I am the baby in my family by nearly a decade, and the only girl, which means I yell a lot, swear a lot, cry at cliched sports films, and never met a Python skit I couldn’t watch a hundred times.
Movies opened my eyes to a world beyond my narrow-minded hometown and instilled me with a deep love and admiration for stories and storytelling…and what my husband calls ‘an unhealthy obsession’ with Jeff Bridges.
I have had many jobs since entering the workforce at 14, but none more constant than writing. And make no mistake, writing, whether you get paid or not, is a job…and a chore, a nagging wife, a needy child, a natural high, a pit of despair, and the best and worst thing I have ever hoped to be.
I am honoured to spend my life surrounded by friends and family who love and support me, none more than my favorite person in the world; my husband of 11 years, Nick. Together we are the humble servants to our spoiled Lab/Shepherd puppy, Mikke.

Tim McEown (Director/Writer)

What do you do the year you have a heart attack and then get married? You decide to join Di Golding in a tempestuous venture involving fashion, moral turpitude and the history of mankind, that’s what. Oh and you quit smoking after about a thousand years of a pack and a half a day. How’s that for a paradigm shift. Tim is a director/writer who hopes one day to win a slashie.  He feels privileged and extremely fortunate to find himself in the company he keeps and is looking forward to he and Di’s glacially slow but continuing takeover of all media platforms.

 Luca Fiore (Director of Photography)

Luca Fiore is a director, shooter and editor who finds great
difficulty when asked to write about himself. He’s got himself some
awards for some of the work he’s done including OIFF’s 72 Hour Film
Challenge Winner, and The Painted Lips and Lolly Licks Winner for
‘Polar Bear Love’ and OIFF’s Music Video Challenge Winner for ‘My Dad
vs. Yours – Happy Wanderer/Carry the Weight’. His favorite past times
are, pasta, making up new handshakes, making movies, punk music and
pasta. See his stuff at


Mike Lem (Camera)

I have loved to be behind the camera from an early age. From my early years shooting both stills and video has been a part of my life. I was a part of the founding team of students at the now well known School of the Photographic Arts, Ottawa (SPAO) and graduated there in 2006. Since then I have tried to keep a camera in my hand as much as possible. I am lucky to have friends who believe in my abilities and encourage me as much as they do. I am especially lucky to have the life that I am living. As positive as that sounds I have my share of cynicism and sarcasm on the surface. I feel that taking life too seriously is a serious waste of time.

Kyla Farmer (Associate Producer)

Having always wanted to get involved in the film industry, but behind the scenes, I was very grateful to come into contact with Di Golding. When we met, I knew she was someone worth conversing with and getting to know more. Add in her kindred spirit Tim, super hyper dog, and awesome husband, and boom – a project took off. As a lover of way too many things, I have a ton of projects on my belt at any given time. All of them have tangents in either sustainability, community, fashion, film, arts, and/or music. This documentary team has proven to a force of great inspiration and humanity, always providing me a source of solace to my mad, busy life. I am indebted to everyone involved and can’t wait to see this thing down to the end. I also love honey.

Jess Newton (Production Assistant)

Accused of suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Dresses), Jess maintains she is merely an ardent student of fashion with an abiding interest in “the dress” – from the little black dress to Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress to the colourful dresses of Kate Spade.  Her fashion influences include Alexander McQueen, Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford.  Without regret, she places herself front and centre in the pro-Anna (Wintour) camp.  Yes, it is true; Jess does possess a Master’s in Criminology.  However, there is no truth that this is simply a fetish for prison stripes (she prefers polka dots).