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How I got rid of those last ten pounds

When we started this blog for the documentary, I promised myself I would never go more than two weeks without posting. I also promised myself that I would never start a blog post with something lame and apologetic like, Read more

The way you look

I  don't flirt. Ever. Not because I don't know how, but because I just don't like to. Being funny had always been my technique as a server and it was more profitable and less exhausting to maintain than keeping Read more

I believe in Dog

I am selfish and lazy. While I have been working since I was 14 years old and like to think I have spent a fair portion of my life if not in the pursuit of bettering humanity then at least Read more

Gratuity included

It's 2012. I hope I don't need to remind anyone (other than Conservatives and misogynists, if you'll pardon the redundancy) that women are so much more than their looks. We are capable of anything we set our minds to Read more

Parental Guidance Is Advised

A couple of weeks ago, my brother Dan came up for Mum's 75th birthday celebration with his five kids (Paul, 18, Em, 15, Lauren 14, Jon, 12 and Briana, 6), all of whom reminded me of what is was Read more


I stand before you, a sinner. I have broken my word.  I have not practiced what I preached. I have failed! Contrition was a big thing in the 80's. People were always apologizing for something or other and apparently it Read more

3rd degree burns are soooo last year

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Chanel joins all children’s pajamas from the Seventies and most fast food restaurant uniforms. Welcome to the club, Chanel!


Age of Beauty

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“Di Golding! Look 10 Years YOUNGER!”

It was a command, not a suggestion screaming at me from a sticker on the cover of ‘Glow’ magazine. I was momentarily amused and then offended by the assumption that I even wanted to look 10 years younger. Of course every woman wants to look younger! These are the accepted norms, the untrue ‘truths’ that the fashion and media industry have imposed upon us. What if I was only 20? Huh, what about that ‘Glow’? Twenty year-olds don’t want to look ten. Ten year-olds want to look twenty. Could someone please explain that weird shift that occurs in a woman’s life when she desperately wants to look older to be taken more seriously and then abruptly wants to look like she’s in her twenties…forever.

What the fuck for? Read more

Vanity– thy name is…Tim?

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 Vanity, as I understand the term, seems to be mostly about ‘Look at me. I’m not old and disgusting…yet’. A kind of non-judgemental whistling past the graveyard. Whereas narcissism is much more malignant and indicitive of something ugly and often mean-spirited.

So it comes as no surprise to me that I am more than a little disappointed in a certain person’s behaviour. Once this was a man who had a healthy sense of humour about his own physical eccentricities but now, well now he’s kinda’ humorless and a bit of a douche about his appearance.

And because Fashion, of the sort that I rail against constantly, is driven by this kind of self-involved nonsense it is particularly galling to be anywhere near. What’s that you say? Why don’t you just avoid and/or dismiss this particular cancerous void from your existence?

Ah, therein lies the difficulty.

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Darcy Pennell vs haute couture for the ugly woman

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Things have been getting a little ranty around here, not that that’s a bad thing and I fully expect it to continue, but I thought we’d give you a little comic relief.

Here’s Kids In The Hall doing one of my favorites. Good luck getting the theme song out of your head.

We have absolutely no rights to the KITH stuff, just showing it here as huge fans.

And here we go…

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Well, well, well…can you see me stroking my goatee? Then stop looking in my window.

But seriously folks, things are beginning to heat up nicely. Di has thrown down the gauntlet of diatribe* and I have every intention of picking it up and bitch slapping whomever happens to get in the way. Read more

A new reason for the terrorists to hate us

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I entered the modeling world at the overripe age of 19, far beyond the typical expiry date. I was scouted at a mall and thought,”Why not?” I entered into it with eyes wide open and zero expectations. I was not a minor, nor was I pushed into it by a parent, I was just killing time until I figured out what I wanted to do with my life (for that momentous occasion I would have to wait about 7 more years). Having spent the previous 5 years working mostly in restaurants and nursing homes, I figured that modelling would be a pretty easy gig, and depending on the shoot, one that wouldn’t end with me being screamed at by a senile octogenarian or smelling of club sandwich. With those not-so-lofty ambitions, for about six months I was a model.

I had been surrounded by males all my life. My brothers and their friends saw me as another boy but with less hair (I didn’t even have enough for an anemic ponytail until I was 6). I was an outdoorsy girl, ‘au naturel’ according to Linda, my agent, with absolutely no idea how to apply makeup or walk a runway. When I met the other girls in the agency I was more than a little taken aback by how young they were despite the layers of makeup and teased  ‘freshly-fucked’ hair. Most were in their early teens yet looked older than me. They sat in the makeup chairs chain-smoking and drinking coffee, perfunctorily tended to by their mothers. This is what creeped me out the most. Today we have shows like ‘ Toddlers & Tiaras’ to act as a cautionary tale. Back in ’92 I was unaware that such a casual evil existed and was secretly thankful that my mother loved me enough to say no when I had expressed an interest in modeling as a pre-teen. Read more

Mrs. Harris are you trying to seduce us?

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Last fall at the store I was flipping through a ‘Rolling Stone’ I bought for it’s cover story on AMC’s hit show ‘Mad Men’. A couple approached the counter as the magazine was opened to a picture of Christina Hendricks, who plays the buxom redheaded office vamp Joan Harris. The woman stared at the picture and a guttural noise escaped her mouth, “Ahhgh, I love her.” Her boyfriend demurred as he flipped the magazine over to see the front cover. “Wow, I’m actually tempted to go and buy Rolling Stone for the first time in years.” Note to Rolling Stone: More Christina, less Dylan’s Greatest Hits CD reviews.

Every once in awhile a show captures the zeitgeist of a generation of television viewers, in this case a generation that needs reassurance that they aren’t living in the worst time period ever. The beauty of ‘Mad Men’ isn’t just Christina, it’s the uncomfortable nostalgia that it presents proving once and for all there are not now, nor have there ever been, any ‘good old days’. But man, the clothes! Flip through any fashion magazine right now, or better yet,walk down a busy street at noon, and you will see women in retro-inspired dresses and cardigans, belted and flowery with most hemlines at or below the knee. This didn’t just happen by accident.

The 80's were not kind to me, which is unfortunate seeing as when this pic was taken I still had 4 more years of the 80's to endure.

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My money is on Steve unless it’s a breakdance fight.

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You mean cosmetics won’t make me look like Julia Roberts?

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Hmm, aren’t the real victims the onlookers?

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