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How I got rid of those last ten pounds

When we started this blog for the documentary, I promised myself I would never go more than two weeks without posting. I also promised myself that I would never start a blog post with something lame and apologetic like, Read more

The way you look

I  don't flirt. Ever. Not because I don't know how, but because I just don't like to. Being funny had always been my technique as a server and it was more profitable and less exhausting to maintain than keeping Read more

I believe in Dog

I am selfish and lazy. While I have been working since I was 14 years old and like to think I have spent a fair portion of my life if not in the pursuit of bettering humanity then at least Read more

Gratuity included

It's 2012. I hope I don't need to remind anyone (other than Conservatives and misogynists, if you'll pardon the redundancy) that women are so much more than their looks. We are capable of anything we set our minds to Read more

Parental Guidance Is Advised

A couple of weeks ago, my brother Dan came up for Mum's 75th birthday celebration with his five kids (Paul, 18, Em, 15, Lauren 14, Jon, 12 and Briana, 6), all of whom reminded me of what is was Read more


I stand before you, a sinner. I have broken my word.  I have not practiced what I preached. I have failed! Contrition was a big thing in the 80's. People were always apologizing for something or other and apparently it Read more

Stale Fashion Advice with a Dash of Condescension

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Someone I follow on Twitter (thanks @briangasparek) brought the “How to Dress Punk for Girls” video to my attention calling it the “shocking video of the day.” Of course, I had to watch it. At first, I thought it was a spoof, someone mocking a style video on youtube. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why this middle-aged, probably middle-class, blonde lady was giving anyone advice on how to dress like a punk.   One of the highlights for me was when she explained that dressing “punk” (she used air quotes) was doing something “normal people wouldn’t do.” I’m sorry, but is she for real? I missed the memo that let the world know that punks are not normal. Wow, my mother’s going to see my pop punk phase totally different now. Forget that I was a fairly ordinary teenager. Apparently, according to Wendi Braswell, I was not normal. Thanks lady!

Sorry, that was a bit of a tangent, back to the video.  Wendi goes on to describe the rest of the “punk” look. If you take a look at the girl she’s styling, you’ll probably feel you’ve seen her somewhere. Not her exactly, but her outfit. Dear Wendi Braswell, you just styled your “punk” girl in clothes that every teenager/young woman wears on a regular basis. Raise you hands ladies if you’ve ever left your house in jeans, a black tank top and a necklace…I’ll admit, I don’t wear the gloves but I’m sure someone did in the 80s (Di? Tim?). Read more

*Ugh*…It’s that time of year.

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While the old etiquette of not wearing white after Labour Day may no longer be upheld by the majority of society, it came first from a place of practicality and later became symbol of good society in North America.

“Very rarely is there actually a functional reason for a fashion rule,” notes Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Ms. Steele’s observation aside, I think that there is one fashion rule that should be upheld by everyone, and for very practical reasons. But before I begin, perhaps I should give you some background information on the fashion trend I hope to ban from Good Society.
The Ugg Boot.  Read more

Back to Cool

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I realize that summer is only over in the academic sense. Weather’s still decent, and I don’t have kids so it’s summer for me constantly. But every year at this time the whole ‘Back to School’ thing is like a nostalgia clock that’s permanently set to 1986. My brain is hardwired to stop screwing around and get out of the pool already. So even though I’m wearing shorts and walking my dog in the sunshine, my inner child is at school. Who am I kidding, I was never really a child so I must have an inner short-bus driver, or inner cafeteria lady yanking my emotional school bell which would account for all the metaphorical tater-tots being hurled at the back of my head. Either way, I may be on the sidewalk picking up poop but my heart is in a classroom, sitting at a desk on a beautiful day, looking out the window at some poor woman picking up poop.

All this to say that this time of year makes me want to shop.
Read more

This is Fun.

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Just caught this from a friend on facebook– it kinda rocks.

Celebutantes: Discuss.

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Men have been and are responsible, as a gender, for some wholly awful shit. War, famine, pestilence, religion, the unbearable existence of Adam Sandler films. We are often the worst that humanity has to offer–and as someone who inhabited a degree program in history for four years I’m qualified to say that most of recorded human behaviour is a litany of our massive fuckupery. I’m not being facetious here either, I’m dead serious.

We can be, and often are, awful. But…

This shit is not on me. Just saying.

What were you thinking? Read more

Chloe Sevigny on…

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Stumbled across an article by Drew Droege who has been impersonating Chloe Sevigny since 2002. I’ve often wondered what the big deal is with fashion designers being so in love with her, but it’s probably because she’s willing to wear pretty much anything and she goes out a lot so their crazy outfits get seen on the pages of ‘In Touch’. I do think she is a great actor though but in magazines she always looks like she takes herself a little too seriously, which is why I find these skits of Drews so HI-larious. She’s probably pretty cool in real life, and the skits are more a skewering of that kind of tragically on-trend It-Celebrity more than they are of Chloe herself. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Wearing Thin.

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I have found myself a bit at sea these days. And it’s becoming more and more clear as to why: life becomes complicated, and significantly more distressing, when you actually live it. Read more

Di-atribe #2-Di reads a fashion magazine

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Today I did something I haven’t done since starting this challenge; I bought a fashion magazine, and not just any fashion magazine, a September Issue. I didn’t get the ‘Vogue’ September Issue for several reasons, least of which that it’s cliche, but mainly because of the sexy 10 year-old thing and the fact that I’ve never been a big fan of Vogue anyway. Sure,  Creative Director Grace Coddington is a styling genius and creates beautiful photographs of beautiful women in beautiful clothes, but it’s always been just that to me. When I want art I go to a gallery. Today I went with ‘In Style’, for the simple reason that it was the biggest September Issue I could find.

I’ve had a rough couple of days, physically and mentally. A busy weekend with not much sleep and my TMJ and chronic back pain worsened by what I will charitably call an accidental acupuncture ‘misadventure’ means I’ve been dreading coming up with something witty or astute to write about this week. Then I saw the answer in the form of a 2 pound (writer’s estimate) ladies monthly with a shiny Beyonce looking glam-diculous on the cover in a dress festooned with what I can only assume are bedazzled cookie-cutters. “I know,” I thought, “I can read the magazine as a test of my fortitude.”  Not a bad idea, Me. It might also serve as a ‘comfort-food’ of sorts as I used to pore over fashion magazines like Details and Mirabella as a teen and rip out the best pictures for a bedroom wall collage.  If I fail to be circumspect at least I can turn it into an angry screed that Tim will appreciate even if no on else does. Read more

First Contact

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Not wearing make-up

Forever Lazy? More like forever despairing of the human race

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Just in case you’re wondering what to wear when the apocalypse comes, might I suggest this little number. An adult onesie says to the world “I’ve stopped caring, and I’m proud of it. Now could someone please pass the deep-fried anythings?”