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Celebutantes: Discuss.

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Men have been and are responsible, as a gender, for some wholly awful shit. War, famine, pestilence, religion, the unbearable existence of Adam Sandler films. We are often the worst that humanity has to offer–and as someone who inhabited a degree program in history for four years I’m qualified to say that most of recorded human behaviour is a litany of our massive fuckupery. I’m not being facetious here either, I’m dead serious. We can be, and often are, awful. …

Wearing Thin.

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I have found myself a bit at sea these days. And it’s becoming more and more clear as to why: life becomes complicated, and significantly more distressing, when you actually live it.

First Contact

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Not wearing make-up

Vanity– thy name is…Tim?

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 Vanity, as I understand the term, seems to be mostly about ‘Look at me. I’m not old and disgusting…yet’. A kind of non-judgemental whistling past the graveyard. Whereas narcissism is much more malignant and indicitive of something ugly and often mean-spirited. So it comes as no surprise to me that I am more than a little disappointed in a certain person’s behaviour. Once this was a man who had a healthy sense of humour about his own physical eccentricities but …

And here we go…

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Well, well, well…can you see me stroking my goatee? Then stop looking in my window. But seriously folks, things are beginning to heat up nicely. Di has thrown down the gauntlet of diatribe* and I have every intention of picking it up and bitch slapping whomever happens to get in the way.

Carton of Hate, Wedge of Spite and I’m a Bag of Anger.

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Here’s the thing. Generally people consider me to be not angry. Little do they know. But it’s the why that’s complicated –because somehow this has to be about the documentary and not just me venting my rather large and full bodied spleen. First off, a proviso– I’m not mad at anyone in particular (although Tea-Partiers and their ilk do get on my last nerve) because I’m as guilty as all y’all. Not necessarily about the same things but if we …

The Seated ‘I’–unseated.

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We began this project to find out why Di felt she ‘needed’ particular things she clearly did not need (ie. Yet another purse she will look at four years from now– with that puzzled, ‘WTF was I thinking’ expression on her face). Which begs the question, what do we actually need? And of course that spirals into all sorts of questions regarding the degree to which any choice is conscious and even whether or not we control the choices we make–at least to …

A K-T Event.

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It’ s not really that surprising that people end up with their heads crushed in high-speed, motor vehicle accidents. Who could tolerate that level of notoriety? ABOVE IMAGE: ARTIST’S RENDERING OF ASTEROID RESPONSIBLE FOR K-T EVENT (or combined wattage from camera flashes at any Kate Middleton appearance) S0 Kate Middleton wears a dress from a particular designer to a party with the Obama’s– and that lucky company sees their website traffic rise to six million hits from a usual thirty-five thousand …


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Wow. So I used to have this argument with some women friends of mine, who otherwise disavowed porn, that Oprah Winfrey and her ilk were the rough aesthetic equivalent. It seemed to me that they appealed to a prurient interest in other people’s misery– masked as concern or social awareness. Particularly before the ubuiqity of the internet, they were a kind of communal peepshow invested in stranger’s unhappiness. This is all to say that I usually find the exposure of these unpleasant secrets (as …

The Internet: where the words ‘Starving Tip of the Day’ are written.

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Without irony I might add.  Strange as this may seem my fiancee pointed out a site called which, amongst other perplexing features, sported a section called ‘Starving Tip of the Day’. Initially I was a little suspect of her reading, as she has a tendency to literalmindedness. Not only was that a touch condescending, I was also completely incorrect. Double bad on me. Now there are a lot of ways to go from here. I could launch into a screed against …