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About The Project

A year long venture into the unknown – Di will not purchase any new, used, found, gifted clothing or accessories for an entire year.

But why?

That’s a complicated question inasmuch as it requires a documentary to answer. Through Di’s journey, we’ll gain some insight into what triggers the compulsions that fuel the fashion and garment industries. As well, we’ll examine the consequences that the intertwining of these two powerful and ubiquitous industries create.

…and she’s got nothing to wear.

Along the way we’ll encounter designers and therapists, professional shoppers and shopaholics, media of all flavours and those who choose to opt out of the game entirely.  Finally, at the end of Di’s long and winding road into fashion stasis, we hope to be able to furnish some insight into alternative approaches to that most difficult of questions:

What should I wear?