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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Cake vs. Squirrel and Do I look Fat in this Role?

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  Just a gentle warning: this is essentially a two-part blog with related topics. Both are, I hope, worth reading and they certainly compliment one another. Stanley Tucci is a bit of a polymath as far as acting goes. He can play anything. Period. The preceding has nothing to do with the rest of the post but I love Stanley Tucci and I’ve always wanted to hashtag him. (That sounds dirty.) Watching ‘The Hunger Games’ is like watching a primer …

World’s Longest First Date

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Next weekend Nick and I will go away for forty-eight blissful hours sans dog, Mum, work, doc, blog, or house responsibilities. We haven’t had time alone together for about two years. Because of this, I have planned roughly twenty-five of the forty-eight hours down to the most minute of details, give or take an hour for spontaneity-sake. I’m serious. I have even planned all of my outfits and have been watching make-up tutorials on Youtube to learn how to perfect …

Chuck Norris is a creationist spouting asshole and other uncomfortable opinions.

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So, assuming I’ve cornered everyone’s attention (and in some cases their homicidal ire) I’ll just get on with it.

Di puts the ‘Di’ into ‘To Die For.’ Photo shoots and whatnot from the last couple of weeks.

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