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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Possession Obsession

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While I may have dropped out of the running for the SMC Challenge in December, there are a few things that I’ve really come to learn and appreciate in the six months of my participation. There is also a dense and impenetrable admiration for Di and what she has accomplished thus far.

New Year’s Di

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For many years, New Year’s Eve was the night I got to watch people with unrealistic expectations pay $50 to get into a bar (that on any other night they could walk into for free), get a dollar store party favor and a NyQuil cup half-full of cheap ‘champagne’ that would later be puked onto their good shoes while they wait 45 minutes for a cab. So just like Canada Day and St.Patrick’s Day, New Years Eve is a night …

Pre-frontal or Pre-natal?

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  The desire to be desired or it’s nicer, better behaved cousin, to be liked is inherent in most of the functional people I have congress with. Who amongst us doesn’t enjoy when someone, anyone really, finally acknowledges our obvious genius. The giving and receiving of affirmation and praise is a fundamental human need and the grease that lubricates almost all social interaction. And yes, I used that hamfisted analogy purposefully, since in many ways most adult interaction is at …

Eve of the New Year. (Plus Bacon.)

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  And fun was indeed had by all.          

Towards a Theory of the Leisure Suit Class.

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  (We were lucky enough to entice one of our producers, Lawrence Buhagiar, into guest spotting a blog for us. Lawrence is not only an avid chronicler of all things popkultur but he has a background in both neuroscience and sociology– making him eminently qualified to write the following blogpost:¬†Towards a Theory of the Leisure Suit Class) Recently I came across an article in the New York Times written by John Ortved, a 28-year-old writer and former editorial associate at¬†Vanity …