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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Quitter? Failure? Or Something Else Entirely?

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I bought a blouse. To be more accurate, I bought two. So what does that mean for me and the project? Before we examine the repercussions of my purchase, let’s go back to the basics: I was never really much of a shopper, but while working at the mall I had a tendency to acquire clothing at a rate that was shocking to even me. I adore window shopping and I really enjoy looking through shops but I’m too indecisive …

Living in a Material World and I am a (less) Material Girl*

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Alternate title: What Di’s Challenge Has Done to my Shopping Habits While walking to work yesterday in head to toe Banana Republic, I had some time to think (the BR thing will come up again later). I got to thinking about how Di’s challenge and the documentary have had an impact on my life.  You can ask Tim, and he’ll back me up on this, but when I first heard Di was going to do this, I had two reactions. …


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Watch the news lately? The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest and it’s offshoots are finally gaining serious momentum around the world. Our global financial institutions are teetering on the precipice of Epic-Fail Canyon, and Goldman Sachs is still handing out bonuses like demi-pimps handing out coupons in front of the peep-show door. Meanwhile Harper’s mega-prison plans are  going ahead full-bore despite conservative Texan judges and social-workers warning that they’ve “been there, done that, didn’t work.”. I don’t know about you, but …

Why We Fight II or F**K The Bank I Work For– F**k The Bank.

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Terms like ‘Mission Statement’ make me think of Corbin Bernsen from LA Law. Anachronistic I know–but there it is. So for a moment I’d appreciate if you thought of me as some Hugo Boss wearing, Gucci shod, slightly amoral, over-coiffed snake oil salesmen who secretly has your best interests at heart.

Ottawa Magazine Profile October 2011

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I should be surprised…but I’m not.

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Looking the Part: Social Status Cues Shape Race Perception. “It is commonly believed that race is perceived through another’s facial features, such as skin color. In the present research, we demonstrate that cues to social status that often surround a face systematically change the perception of its race. Participants categorized the race of faces that varied along White–Black morph continua and that were presented with high-status or low-status attire. Low-status attire increased the likelihood of categorization as Black, whereas high-status …