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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Coutural Anthropology 101

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In the last two weeks I found myself in the company of two men largely responsible for shaping the way we dress in the last 30 plus years. Well, not literally in their company, but in the realm of their senses so to speak. I will admit I was only academically interested in both JeanPaul Gaultier and Bill Cunningham prior to witnessing their work, figuring at the very least, it would be good for the doc and the blog. I …

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit: Montreal 2011

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How did I get here? Part 1: The Lean Years

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According to my Mum – who is obviously biased –¬† I was a beautiful baby, but an unattractive child. She actually tells people that and always mentions how much it worried her for my future. I had almost no hair and I was tall and abnormally skinny and prone to walking into stuff and over stuff and off of things and out of things which meant I was usually covered in scabs and angry bruises. Nobody called Child Services because …

Annoying Romantic Comedy Heroines Explained

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As a screenwriter and a woman (not necessarily in that order) I have always found romantic comedies inane at best and emotionally damaging at least. This fun little article is actually pretty astute in it’s assertions. Oh, and make sure you watch the ‘clumsy rom-com heroine’ montage.

Scared Straight

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Things have been getting pretty heavy in here recently, not that I’m complaining, but in the interest of levity I’m going to be completely superficial (who, moi?) and kick things up a notch. High. HIGHER! Straighten up people! Feels good, right? And now a word or two about posture. I’ll admit I’m not an expert on this subject or most subjects, to be honest. Maybe ‘Random Jeff Bridges facts no one (even Jeff Bridges) needs to know’, or ‘Obscure Saturday …

What’s wrong with THIS paragraph. part 3.1

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Now I’m totally pissed. Here’s part of the reason why: Dov is a great executive director and American Industrialist, but there are hundreds of other decision-makers in our company, over half of whom are women. I suppose you have read a few too many negative pieces about us that have helped to form your opinion of who we are and what we stand for, and perhaps this has clouded your ability to give us a chance.

What’s wrong with this paragraph. Part two.

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So, here’s something I’ve learned between the time I wrote the last blog and this one. I have an integrity crush on Nancy Upton. Woman be killing me with kindness. After I wrote the initial part of this (which you’ll just have to go back and read– I don’t even know how to thumbnail it) two-parter, I sent it to Nancy in the hope that she might respond and I could include that response in this blog. Well, Miss-Smarter-Than-I-Am thought …

Swap Don’t Shop!

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Di on how the swapping/shopping experience should be.

Post Clothing Swap Reaction

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Di on why she thinks the first clothing swap was a success.

What’s wrong with this paragraph? Part one.

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Di is a clever and malevolent creature. She ‘suggested’ that I have a look at a tumblr page by this woman, Nancy Upton. Tell me what you think, Di says… maybe there is a blog in it. CAN o’ ¬†WORMS. American Apparel, whom seems to me the sleaziest bunch in a fundamentally sleaze-tilted industry, had initiated a search for a plus sized model that could only be described as unambiguously condescending. Ms.Upton found both the premise and it’s wording denigrating, …