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Monthly Archives: July 2011

My money is on Steve unless it’s a breakdance fight.

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You mean cosmetics won’t make me look like Julia Roberts?

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Hmm, aren’t the real victims the onlookers?

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Carton of Hate, Wedge of Spite and I’m a Bag of Anger.

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Here’s the thing. Generally people consider me to be not angry. Little do they know. But it’s the why that’s complicated –because somehow this has to be about the documentary and not just me venting my rather large and full bodied spleen. First off, a proviso– I’m not mad at anyone in particular (although Tea-Partiers and their ilk do get on my last nerve) because I’m as guilty as all y’all. Not necessarily about the same things but if we …

My Mum’s a Knitja and I’m Sew Sad.

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Rules of the no-shopping challenge: #1. No new, used or gifted clothes, shoes and accessories for a full year. #2. I can only borrow clothes from friends twice in the year. #3. I can obtain clothes from the 2 clothing swap parties I will host, but I will also be giving up clothes for the swap. #4. I have a $50 ‘emergency’ clothing fund. I’m not quite sure what a ‘clothing emergency’ entails, but I’m sure I’ll recognize one if  …

Giving Up Appearances

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I’m officially into the second month of my challenge and I can honestly say that at this point, not caring so much about keeping up with trends or trying to find the perfect belt to go with that perfect dress is rather freeing. I’ve been so busy cottage-ing, visiting with family, taking day trips to Montreal and Mont Tremblant and generally enjoying my summer that what I wear is more about function than fashion. Well, it’s still a little about …

Fashionista. Fashionasty. Fashionazi.

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GODWIN’S LAW: According to Wikipedia, in 1990, Mike Godwin stated that “as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison between Nazis and Hitler approaches 100%.” In other words, Godwin put forth the hyperbolic observation that, given enough time, in any online discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone inevitably criticizes some point made in the discussion by comparing it to beliefs held by Hitler and the Nazis. GOLDING’S LAW: According to me, in 2010, Di Golding theorized that the …

The Seated ‘I’–unseated.

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We began this project to find out why Di felt she ‘needed’ particular things she clearly did not need (ie. Yet another purse she will look at four years from now– with that puzzled, ‘WTF was I thinking’ expression on her face). Which begs the question, what do we actually need? And of course that spirals into all sorts of questions regarding the degree to which any choice is conscious and even whether or not we control the choices we make–at least to …

Canadian Dressing

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Another Canada Day is drawing to a close and I sit here at the kitchen table in the cottage and watch fireworks going off over the lake. I’m wearing runners with socks (my Tevas sit on the deck drying out after a vain attempt to teach my dog how to swim), Lululemon capris,and a MEC tanktop under a gorgeous multicoloured cardigan my Mum knit for me last fall.  On  the back of the sweater she appliqued a hand-stitched owl in …