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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Thank you, thank you very much.

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I’m not very good at accepting a compliment. I usually mumble something self-deprecating or instantly blurt, “this old thing? I got it for a dollar at a garage sale” as though undermining it’s value somehow makes the compliment more palatable. I always feel the need to qualify the compliment as though letting it stand alone makes it true. It’s not that I don’t believe that I deserve the compliments I get, or don’t mean the compliments I give, but maybe …

Di Patch

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So, how am I doing going into my second week of the challenge? So far so good considering I almost blew it on the first day. I was looking for a specific pair of black leggings, couldn’t find them and said to myself, “I’ll just pick some up when I go to the Rideau Centre.” It was a few moments before I realized this was not an option. Eventually I found the leggings and the challenge survived it’s first mini-crisis. …

A K-T Event.

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It’ s not really that surprising that people end up with their heads crushed in high-speed, motor vehicle accidents. Who could tolerate that level of notoriety? ABOVE IMAGE: ARTIST’S RENDERING OF ASTEROID RESPONSIBLE FOR K-T EVENT (or combined wattage from┬ácamera flashes at any Kate Middleton appearance) S0 Kate Middleton wears a dress from a particular designer to a party with the Obama’s– and that lucky company sees their website traffic rise to six million hits from a usual thirty-five thousand …

Last time I looked, shorts were not pants.

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So why on Earth should they cost the same? Really. It stands to reason that the less material there is, the less it ought to cost. Even in the whacked out U.K. an extra-small costs less than a large because there is less of it! Seriously. My friend Melissa told me so when she got home from her holiday there. Okay – I know that’s actually crazy, true as it may be. But I’m talking about shorts. Linen, cotton, denim …

Di-atribe #1: Customer (dis)Service

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Tim tells me I’m at my best when I write angry (one of his nicknames for me is ‘Her Vagesty, Queen of Ascerbia’) and I know I can spew vitriol like co-eds spew Jagerbombs, but it doesn’t mean I’m angry all the time. I’m not. I’m a cynical person, yes, but my cynicism is born of hope. I have an inordinate, perhaps unreasonable amount of faith in humanity and when that faith is shaken I get angry.[twocol] [/twocol]One of the …

That’s what friends are for Part 2

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That’s what friends are for Part 1

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Di’s little secret…but not really…just SHHH!

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I went for my very last shop today,(unless of course I run to Shoppers before midnight and buy some headbands and a 3-pack of Hanes Her Way) at the last place I would have picked on my own volition. It’s a place I haven’t visited in over a decade, and I know this because the last time I was there I was still riding the bus. It’s just that kind of place, you don’t go there on purpose but once …

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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No. My blog today isn’t about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Snappy title though, don’t you think? I’m writing about the items that I purchased today as my last shop – and yes, today I partook of my last clothing/accessories shop for the next year. Why? Because Di is doing it, so I want to try too. Now it may not seem as difficult as say, a crusade, to some people. But if you’re female with junk in the …

Safety Pants

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Six years ago I was hell-bent on losing ‘that last 10 lbs’ to the point where I had gone completely bat-shit insane. I gave up coffee, sugar and carbs. I was smoking like a demon and working out six days a week, for an hour and a half each day. I was a Super Mega Bitch. More than usual. My poor, patient husband couldn’t do anything right so he just stayed out of my way. Nice life, eh? Everyone was …