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Monthly Archives: May 2011

I don’t wanna tan, don’t ask me.

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True story: I got stopped by two bike cops on my way to work yesterday morning. I was walking with my parasol. One cop did all the talking, the other hung back for atmosphere pretending to look official and occasionally chuckling. If you read this conversation out loud I recommend you use thick French Canadian accents for the cops, not just because they were indeed French Canadian but also because it’s fun, non? Bike Cop #1: Hey it’s not raining …

Mexican Pointy Boots! WTF?

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A new men’s fashion craze in Mexico. I would caution against wearing these with Hammer Pants for fear someone might ask you for three wishes.

Important! Please read especially before you leave your house!

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A great flowchart our good friend Jess N. alerted us to. Please read carefully and share with those you love.

New bag for an old broad, or old bag on a new bike.

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Have you ever seen ‘Sophie’s Choice’? Because that’s like, totally my life right now. But with less Nazis. I’m super-duper serious. And no, Meryl is not too old to play me. She could play Gary Coleman and get an Oscar nom. She’s just that good. First, a word about my hubby Nick. He is a genius but won’t admit it. He is generous and loving and supportive beyond belief.  He is also a twisted, twisted demon. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, …

All dressed with a side of Di

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How did I come to care so much about clothes? According to my Mum, as early as three years old I had a definite idea about my personal style. She would carefully choose my clothes  in the morning and lay them out for me, but I would come downstairs in a completely different outfit that she would have never thought to put together. She pretty much let me go at that point, realizing that some battles weren’t worth fighting. Once …

The Internet: where the words ‘Starving Tip of the Day’ are written.

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Without irony I might add.  Strange as this may seem my fiancee pointed out a site called which, amongst other perplexing features, sported a section called ‘Starving Tip of the Day’. Initially I was a little suspect of her reading, as she has a tendency to literalmindedness. Not only was that a touch condescending, I was also completely incorrect. Double bad on me. Now there are a lot of ways to go from here. I could launch into a screed against …

A BRA-calypse Now

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A few things I hate: People who don’t wave ‘thanks’ when you let them merge in front of you, Uggs, willful ignorance and bra shopping. A few things I love: Nick’s smile, curling up with a good read, Mikke’s head on my lap and my amazing Mum. What happens when we transpose these things? My dog in Uggs? A willfully ignorant book ~cough~’Donald Trump’s Memoirs’~cough~? Or bra shopping with my Mum. On second thought, Mikke would look awfully cute in …


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The weather forecast for Montreal included an ‘extreme rainfall warning’, which is fine when you are already in the mall. Unfortunately we were stuck on the Decarie bumper to bumper for an hour, all four of us growing increasingly antsy and yawn-y (no, not Yanni. None of us grew spectacular moustaches or dated Linda Evans in the time it took to get to the mall, although that would have been awesome). When we finally pulled into the parking lot of …

The ‘GLOW’

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Di speaks to certain people’s lack of tact and her likely response.

No Slackers.

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Slacks should only be used by a very exclusive segment of the population.